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how I can help



My personal and professional practice is operationalized through a reflective, equity-seeking, anti-oppression/anti-racism lens. As we all come with a spectrum of identities and social locations that influence our lived reality it is essential in my work to honour the impact of multiple intersectionalities such as race/class/gender identity and expression/sexual orientation/disability and unpacking how they intertwine with your interaction in this world and meaningfully exploring your life choices in achieving the best version of your beautifully complex Self

Harm Reduction

People use substances for a variety of reasons including to numb, to cope, to survive, to thrive, and to enjoy life. I support a Harm Reduction approach that emphasizes reducing the harms associated with various substances rather than reducing use and supporting your goals associated with using. I am committed to exploring your relationship to your use, how using serves you and your Higher Self and offering you the supports you are searching for that best sustain your divine journey whether they be a loving and empathetic ear, compassionate and culturally safe community resources, or simply holding space to honour your choices.

Trauma informed


We come into the world as whole beings. Sometimes life circumstances happen to us that affect us deeply and leave a lasting imprint, making us feel as if we are fragmented. My understanding of trauma acknowledges that traumas play a significant part in how we are able to receive the best possible path we feel we deserve with love and readiness as wounds such as loss, abuse, harm, neglect, injuries, natural disasters, etc. can alter our trustworthiness not only in the world around us but also in ourselves. As a means of self-preservation to cope and survive we develop a variety of defenses that we may not even be aware of. Trauma work is to first identify those defenses then gradually expand on the internal and external resources to create change. My goal is to honour the complexities of your life experience, work with you to allow your light that might be shadowed by trauma to shine and reconnect your powerful whole being that is your birthright.



Coming into and owning our sexual selves as loving, loveable, fulsome, desirous, pleasurable beings enhances our creative energies and is a foundation of our well-being. I believe that healthy sexuality is an important part of our holistic wellness. I offer a sex-positive approach that embraces a wide range of sexual practices and explorations enabling clients to define the types of intimate relationships that best serve them and are the most fulfilling to themselves and others.

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