High Vibrations

I am excited to support some of the amazing resources that enhance my vibrational frequency and overall well-being within our universal community of ONENESS"

Young Living | www.youngliving.com

Young Living is a company who grow, extract, distill, then produce extremely effective and high quality essential oils to promote optimal health and well-being. Essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are the result of cutting-edge research and traditional wisdom. Young Living's natural solutions empower you to dodge harmful chemicals, enrich your life, and reclaim your natural radiance. In addition, whether you want to boost your energy or supplement your diet Young Living's nutrition solutions empower you to meet your wellness goals the natural way. If you’re interested in how these powerful oils can enhance your wellness, you can find out more at youngliving.com or contact me by calling or texting 416-318-3802 or emailing essenceoflightjourney@gmail.com

Pieces of Light | www.etsy.com/ca/shop/emannyb 


Pieces of Light is the culmination of over thirty years of research, collecting, experimenting and experience with gemstones and minerals of all kinds. Manny and Francis the creators, have come to appreciate the subtle but very discernible energy shifts that occur when gemstones are kept close to the physical body and is that property which is the most important facet of the items they make. The stones don’t need for you to believe in them to be what they are, and do what they do. Since the energy component of their work is foremost to them, each piece has been cleared of all prior intents and energies and also charged with pure light frequencies and is ready to support your healing and ascendance. You can connect with Manny and Francis at www.etsy.com/ca/shop/emannyb

Spectrum Healing | www.spectrumhealing.net


Eileen Eng is an amazing deeply spiritual naturopath who facilitates change so that peoples’ lives are more filled with JOY and EASE. She loves to bust illusions and limitations that keep people stuck. Dev Khalsa is a Biodynamic CranioSacral therapist and master kinesiologist who discovered after decades of meditation and practice of applied kinesiology he had developed a super enhanced sense of touch. He says that we ALL have this ability as a birthright but lose it during the process of our early socialization and education. You can connect with Eileen and Dev at www.spectrumhealing.net

Up Life Connect | www.Uplifeconnect.com


Imagine a place where poets and artists meet with scientists and ecologists, where indigenous elders gather with visionary youth. Where conscious evolutionaries meet with doctors, farmers, and teachers and each one comes to the circle to learn, share and discover what limitless possibilities emerge when we unify our gifts and passions for the greater good of all. Where our greatest challenges are recognized as our greatest gift – the opportunity to come together and create a world we love.

Dr. Siegel | www.Drdansiegel.com


Dr. Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry and, also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational organization, which offers online learning and in-person seminars that focus on how the development of mindsight in individuals, families and communities can be enhanced by examining the interface of human relationships and basic biological processes.

Golden Harmony Qigong-Beaches | http://goldenharmonykungfu.com/


Love, Peace, and Harmony. What a powerfully motivating mantra for this moving meditation that leads to harmonious living! Qi means "breath" or "air"and is considered life-force energy. This vital life-force penetrates and permeates everything in the universe, and the energy we radiate is the energy we attract. Qigong is a 5000+year old Chinese

self-healing system using gentle flowing movements to tap into the acupuncture meridians to allow for an optimal flow of energy to relax, heal, calm, focus and enhance your own beautiful vitality. Accomplished martial artist Sifu Rupert Harvey seamlessly creates Qigong healing sessions by combining diverse Kung Fu systems with decades of holistic health practices.

Lee Harris | www.leeharrisenergy.com


Lee is an intuitive guide, cosmic musician, sound healer and gifted channeler of the Z’s who offer grounded practical teachings to empower soul-full lives. Lee also creates healing music tuned to the frequency of 528 Hz to expand and maintain our love vibration and remind our bodies that we are conscious choice existing from either a place of love (butterfly) or fear (caterpillar). Lee’s husband Steven Washington also lead powerful and healing Qigong sessions. You can follow Steven on YouTube.


Abraham Hicks | www.abraham-hicks.com


Abraham Hicks is a self-described group consciousness from the non-physical dimension whose message is brought forth by the delightful channeler Esther Hicks. There is great enjoyment (in-joy!) in listening to “Abe’s” approach on countless human “problems” and “solutions” which really is about being out of alignment with our own divine Source energy. We are powerful creators who welcome the gift of contrast (our “button pushers”). These real-world examples are simply opportunities for releasing blockages and enhancing expansion – allowing us to get back into alignment with Source. The solution is: Just have fun! Get back into the vortex! And Abe gives us practical tips for doing just that in a delightful and relatable way.

ISOLA | www.iloveisola.com

(I Serve Only in Love and Abundance)

Indeed a powerful statement all on its own! Veronica Ciandre is the divine creator of handmade modern, sacred jewelry as wearable medicine amplified by the use of the Fibonacci Sequence https://www.karmicecology.com/spirit/metaphysics/fibonacci-sequence/ (also known as ‘The Divine Code’, ‘The Pattern of Creation’, or ‘God’s Language in Numbers’) to support you in deepening your celestial journey into your

Light by uncovering your innate healing abilities.

Mindful Necessities | www.mindfulnecessities.com


The only true necessity to mindfulness is befriending your breath like your life depends on it. Gratitude in your heart, mind and soul generates the magical feelings of love, joy and happiness. Founder Gisele and her team create gratitude tools infused with the highest intentions, integrity and sustainable materials to support and enhance our vibration of

gratitude. Her Sunday morning letters are an energetic warm cup of tea that will soothe your heart while stimulating present moment gratitude.